Henrik Ehland Rasmussen

Autobiography  Born 1961, composer of scores with mixed notation. From 1983 - 1988 educated as candidate in Music Therapy, Aalborg University. Parallelly in that period he received piano lessons from Birgit Gürtler at the Music Academy of North Jutland, Aalborg. - His final paper deals among other things with the onset quality of the touch when creating a tone. 2003 he upgraded in music therapy to Master of Art.


Performance of Cycle in Birmingham March 2014, video with score - click on the picture...

VIDEOS FROM COPENHAGEN OPENFORM FESTIVAL 2013 - click on the pictures...
TOUR DE FORCE - Rasmussen playing Niels Viggo Bentzon's Postcard-composition

PAUSE SPIRALS (1997) - four hands piano, performed together with Manon-Liu Winter

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See a number of his shareware compositions here

His updated catalogue of published works on paper is here

Graphic Scores: Particles of the Space and Path Routes were released 2013 by DUX Records. Musicians: Kwartludium Ensemble and Scanner. You can hear samples from the CD here as well as buy a download.

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The experimental activity with improvisation and composition began during the study time, even earlier. - He began to play actively in Intuitive Music Group in 1990. - And various experimental activity with sound and concert activity, teaching, musictherapeutic practice, playing as a pianist in different connections, among others playing duo with the jazzpianist Niels Chr. Balle, have been sources of inspiration for his works till now. He played with Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen, Yu Wakao, Luca Miti and Mauro Orselli in Rome 2001. With Intuitive Music Group he was invited to Intuitive Arts Festival Fortalicje 2002 in Zamosc, Poland, where his piece "So much to hear" was highly acclaimed by the Polish audience. Since 2000, he has co-organised Denmark's Intuitive Music Conference, a yearly meeting for composers, improvisors and other intuitive artists.

Exactly the interest for the moment of creation among the musicians, the mutual interaction for the instant, is the principal origin of the compositions. - But also colors, experiences and events influence the works. Every event is potentially sound and music.

He contributes as an improvisor on the CD Denmark's Intuitive Music Conference '97 - together with Kumi Wakao (Japan), Johan Toft, Claus Bech-Nielsen, René Mogensen (DK/USA), Nisima Marie Munk-Madsen,Gerhard Pischinger, Ivan Vincze, Robert Cole Rizzi, Helene Jerg, Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen og Frank Hiesler (Germany). Also he contributed to subsequent releases from DIMC in 1998, 2000 and 2001.

His work Sound Particles has been recorded on the Russian CD "SOUND SCAPES. Denmark's Intuitive Music Conference 2001" in a 14 minute version with Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen (DK) - Henrik Rasmussen (DK) - Frank Hiesler (D) - Ge-Suk Yeo (Korea/D) - Blaise Siwula (USA) - Henriette Errebo (DK) - Roman Stolyar (Russia).

In 2004 the CD Improvised Varieties was released on Intuitive Records with a broad selection of his music.

Several of his compositions are represented in the prestigious book Notations 21, publ. 2009.